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Product FAQs

I am taking delivery of my item, what should I do?

When your item arrives, take a moment to inspect the package and its contents for any damages. If everything looks good, go ahead and sign the bill of lading. But if you notice any damages or problems, be sure to note them down before signing. And of course, if you have any questions or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to contact us.

I received my order and signed for the product, but now I noticed there are damages to it. Can I return it?

If you received your product without noting any damages on the delivery bill and later discover damages, unfortunately, we won't be able to accept a return. Once you sign for the package without noting any issues, the insurance coverage with the shipping company is no longer valid. However, you can try to file a claim directly with the shipping company. Just keep in mind that claims are often rejected at this stage, so be sure to inspect your package carefully upon delivery!

Is fitment guaranteed?

Due to the nature of aftermarket products, all aftermarket parts may require some work and modification for a perfect fit. While our products are crafted to meet the closest OEM standards possible, minor differences can occur since they are handmade. Additionally, various factors such as previous accidents, heat exposure, or improper installation can affect fitment. While we can't guarantee perfect fitment, we do stand behind the quality of our products. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, just reach out to us for a refund.

Do body kits come with hardware and instructions?

Our kits do not include hardware. Your professional body shop should provide you with the bolts and screws necessary for installation. We highly recommend relying on experienced body shops for installation. The proper installation process typically involves pre-fitting, drilling mounting locations, prep work, sanding, priming, applying color base, and finally, clear coating.

What kind of body shop should I choose to install my body kit?

When selecting a body shop for your kit installation, opt for one with experience in aftermarket body kits. While a body shop with decades of collision repair experience might seem like a safe bet, they may lack expertise in installing aftermarket kits. It's often better to choose a shop with a few years of experience but specializing in aftermarket installations.

Do the body kits come painted?

No, our kits come unpainted in a primer finish. You'll need to take your kit to a professional body shop for installation, preparation, and painting.

Why does my front/rear bumper not fit?

Some aftermarket bumpers may require modifications, such as removing or modifying the front and/or rear safety crash bars. If you're not comfortable with this, we recommend avoiding aftermarket bumpers, as we cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from their installation.